Bloody noses, pulled muscles, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, ruptured appendix, sprained ankles, white hair, crows feet, and sagging skin. If you have two or more of these ailments, this one thing could save your life!

Have you ever suffered from any of the following?

  • Bloody noses
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Pulled muscles
  • Sprains and strains
  • Varicose veins
  • Ruptured appendix
  • Wrinkles
  • Sagging skin and body parts
  • Gray hair
  • Crow’s feet around your eyes

Looking back,

Looking back, I realize that a lot of my physical problems were related to copper deficiencies. I suffered from constant bloody noses. For no apparent reason my nose would just start bleeding. In college, I begged a doctor to just cauterize the vein to my nose, thank God he refused. Right after college I suffered from a ruptured appendix that almost killed me. I suffered from hemorrhoids while playing sports, which is no fun.  As an athlete, I was always spraining my ankles. [3]  I had a really bad one, the first week of my junior year. That sprain kept me sidelined from football the rest of the season.

Coper, Bloody noses, Hemorrhoids, Pulled muscles, Sprains, Wrinkles, Sagging skin, Gray hair, Varicose veins, Crow’s feetCopper, Bloody noses, Hemorrhoids, Pulled muscles, Sprains, Wrinkles, Sagging skin, Gray hair, Varicose veins, Crow’s feet

Pulled muscles

Pulled muscles had always been a problem for me, but the problem got much worse after I had a physically traumatic experience climbing Pikes Peak (the summit is 14,110 feet high). The last 3 hours of the climb I was just surviving. I remember telling myself to just keep moving, just keep putting one foot in front of the other. I now realize that that event had depleted my already low mineral levels.  I just didn’t feel right for months. This is a common experience for people who have had any kind of physical trauma.  Joel Wallach says, “Exercise without supplementation is suicide”. When I finally realized what I was suffering from, I took massive amounts of vitamins and minerals. About two weeks later, the symptoms were gone.  I was my old self again, except for the pulled muscles.

Copper, Bloody noses, Hemorrhoids, Pulled muscles, Sprains, Wrinkles, Sagging skin, Gray hair, Varicose veins, Crow’s feet, Christine Kellermann, Chris Schauermann, Nathan Schauermann
Christine, Nathan and his friend seem to be so cheery to have made it to the top, that was not the emotion I was experiencing!

Long warm-ups and stretching did not help!

I started doing long warm-ups and stretching sessions, before playing soccer, only to pull a muscle after only a few minutes of play. On one occasion, I actually thought someone had thrown a rock at me and hit me in the calf. I looked for the rock and the thrower only to discover a muscle in my calf had ruptured.

On another occasion, I was helping coach my son Peter’s soccer team. At practice, he challenged me to a foot race, we Schauermann’s are fairly competitive! He was 18 and the captain of the team, I was 41 but I thought I could still keep up with him. So, we lined up on the touch line and someone said go, we were neck and neck about halfway down the field, when all of a sudden, it felt like a giant had grabbed my leg and thrown me to the ground. When I got up I looked and the entire thigh muscle of my left leg was torn, leaving a large hole that is quite visible to this day.

What was the problem?

Copper is the necessary nutrient for elasticity in our tissues. Our muscles, skin, arteries and veins need copper in order to stretch and return to normal. Without an adequate amount of copper in our diet, our tissues will rip, tear and break instead of stretching. God intended for us to have copper in our diets. He gave the children of Israel a land that was full of copper.

 Deuteronomy 8:7, 9     “ For the Lord your God is bringing you into a good land—a land with brooks, streams, and deep springs gushing out into the valleys and hills;  a land where bread will not be scarce and you will lack nothing; a land where the rocks are iron and you can dig copper out of the hills.”

I happen to live in the Pacific North West of the United States, which is noted for a lack of copper in the water and soil. [4] Farmers in our area have known for centuries that they need to supplement their animals with copper if they don’t want to lose animals to a variety of diseases.

The Solution!

After listening to a lecture by Dr. Joel Wallach, I started taking 2 mg of copper a day. After only a couple of weeks, I was able play soccer with only a minimum of warming up and stretching. The pulled muscles were gone along with the bloody noses, hemorrhoids, and sprained ankles etc. I literally have not had one of those ailments since I started taking copper.

The really big deal about copper!

Now for the most important information about copper; the most permanent symptom of copper deficiency is death. The most dangerous symptom of a copper deficiency is a ruptured aneurysm which usually ends in death.  If your veins aren’t elastic, they, like your muscles, will rip or rupture instead of stretching.  If you have any of the symptoms I have mentioned, get some copper today. It is cheap and the capsules are some of the smallest and easiest to take. They could literally save your life.

Copper, Bloody noses, Hemorrhoids, Pulled muscles, Sprains, Wrinkles, Sagging skin, Gray hair, Varicose veins, Crow’s feet


Here is Dr. Joel Wallch’s lecture, that saved my life!

 “Copper is required as a co-factor to manufacture hair pigment, doesn’t matter whether it is red, blonde, brown or black hair, and I see a lot of copper deficiency in this room. I can almost tell you which people, men and women, have colored their hair. I’m good at that, being a physician, and you don’t want to be like a medical doctor and just treat the symptoms. If you are coloring your hair, you are just treating the symptoms.

You need to do the basic things, take some colloidal copper, and if you don’t what’s going to happen is, you get a breakdown in the elastic fibers of your skin, and you begin getting crows’ feet around the corners of your eyes and mouth, parts of your anatomy begin to sag, and you know you’re in trouble when your doctor tells you “I’ve got a golf buddy down the hall who is a plastic surgeon. And for $10,000 he’ll make you look 20 years younger. But you don’t need face-life, a booby-lift, a tummy-tuck, or a derriere-lift. 

Colloidal Copper

All you need is some colloidal copper and everything will come back up, just like you had a hydraulic jack under it. It will just come right back up. Those elastic fibers tighten right up. They’ll say, “Francine, did you get a face lift? You look like you are 20 years younger.” Now if you don’t take some action at that point, the next thing that happens is, breakdown in your elastic fibers in the large veins of your legs and you get varicose veins. You don’t take action at that point, you get a breakdown in the large veins of your exhaust pipe and you get hemorrhoids.

So if you have hemorrhoids, varicose veins, things that sag, wrinkles, white, gray or silver hair, the odds are you have aneurysms developing in you somewhere, and you don’t want to, of course, die suddenly of a ruptured aneurysm when your body has been warning you for 10, 20, 30 years. 

Just remember, people don’t die suddenly of an aneurysm, it may be you drop and die. Think about Albert Einstein. He died of a ruptured aortic aneurysm at 68 years of age. What color was his hair? He was famous for wild, white hair, wasn’t he? Now you would like to think that people who win the Nobel Prize in Medicine at least live to be 75.5, but they live to be 58 just like other doctors. And that’s because they are trained, and they believe, and practice that they can get everything you need from your four food groups. Doesn’t matter if you win the Nobel Prize or not. 

Even genius Doctors can be wrong, dead wrong!

This guy, Dr.George Kohler, was the youngest person ever to win the Nobel Prize in Medicine in history. 37 years old, wins the Nobel Prize in Medicine, and he won it by studying monocline antibodies, which antibodies trained to attack cancer cells. If they ever get this really working, it will be great, because they won’t have to use chemo-therapy anymore, which kills more people than it saves. Eleven years after winning the Nobel Prize in Medicine, Dr. George Kohler, now 48, drops dead of a cardiomyopathy heart attack, because he believed/practiced that you can get everything you need from your four food groups. Didn’t take any selenium, died of a cardiomyopathy heart attack. 

Even top athletes can be wrong, dead wrong!

Now I have to tell you, why athletes are early warning systems. Couch potatoes, by definition, are people who go to extraordinary efforts not to sweat. They make every human effort not to sweat. They are changing the TV channels, “Honey, bring in the popcorn, I’m changing the channels. Honey, bring in the TV Guide, I’m changing the channels.”

Well, by contract, athletes have the attitude, “no pain, no gain”. They are out there sweating, working away, power-training, strength training, running and they sweat. Athletes, no matter of age, sweat more in 5 years than couch potatoes do in 70 years. And when you sweat, you don’t just sweat out potassium and Gatorade, you sweat out all 60 essential minerals.

If you sweat out all your selenium and you don’t replace it by supplementation, you’re at high risk of getting a cardiomyopathy heart attack. You sweat out all your copper and don’t replace it by supplementation, you’re at high risk of developing an aneurysm and dying suddenly of a ruptured aneurysm. If you sweat out all your chromium and vanadium and don’t replace it by supplementation, you’re at high risk of getting diabetes. And if you sweat out all your calcium and magnesium, boron and zinc, and sulfur, and other minerals that are required for cartilage, ligaments, tendons, connective tissue, bone, you’re going to get a joint/bone injury.

What is the biggest single cause of an athlete’s career being ended early? Joint and bone problems, right? It’s because they sweat out all the basic minerals they need to maintain those parts of the body and they don’t supplement with them because doctors tell them they can get everything they need from the four food groups. 

Early warning system for mineral deficiencies!

What is the early warning system for mineral deficiencies? Well, I already told you about white, gray or silver hair for a copper deficiency. Liver spots or age spots on the back of your hand, side of your face or neck is caused by a selenium deficiency. And you know, again, about selenium deficiency. Then, of course, you have toe cramps, leg cramps, hypertension. These things are all caused by a deficiency of calcium, and if you’re an athlete at age 25 or 15, and you get a leg cramp, it’s a calcium deficiency. Your body is telling you, if you don’t stop drinking those Pepsi’s and start supplementing with some calcium, by the time you are 40, 50, 60 years old you’re going to suffer with arthritis and osteoporosis.”


Where to start?

Joel Wallach discovered our need for copper by study and research. God recommended the land of Israel for his people, because it contains a wide variety of nutrients essential for plant and human life, including copper. But, if you live somewhere other than Israel you will probably have to supplement.

There are so many positive benefits to supplementing your diet, what are you waiting for? Get some copper, selenium etc. or just order Youngevity’s Mighty 90. Mighty 90 contains all 90 essential nutrients including copper. Just click on this website. I don’t get a dime from this advertisement, though I should. I just want you to live out your God given destiny, and you’re going to have to have a well functioning body to do that.


Next week

Next week we are going to discuss the Biblical mandate for scientific research and discovery. We are going to answer the question, “Why have so many sciences been started and dominated by Christians? And why are there so many scientific research scandals in our present day and age.”


In summery

Truly; the only way to exceptional emotional and physical health and wellness, is to spend time each day with the Great Physician, Jesus Christ!

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If you want to keep improving your health and enjoy this kind of Biblical, scientific information, then I would like to recommend three must-read books:

  1. “God’s Guide to Biblical Health and Healing” by Rev. Chris and Shary Schauermann
  2. “Let’s Play Doctor” by Dr. Joel Wallach                                                                                 
  3. “None of These Diseases” by S.I. McMillen, M.D. and David E. Stern, M. D.

You can get all these books at or simply click on the URL next to each book title.



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