Michelle Obama vs Donald Trump, school lunches!

In the fight over what to feed our kids at school, who’s science are you going to believe, Obama’s or Trump’s?

Some science says we need less salt and saturated fats and other science say we need more, who is right?

LEESBURG, Va., May 1, 2017 – New USDA science is putting a hold on regulations in the National School Lunch Program that was scheduled to require less and less salt, and not allow whole milk in school cafeterias.

In making the announcement, at Catoctin Elementary School in Leesburg, Virginia,

The “Healthy, Hunger-Free Food Act of 2010”, the Obama administration enacted nutrition standards for more than 97,000 public school cafeterias that serve nearly 30,000,000 students. They began to replace whole milk with skim milk, they also required less and less salt in the student’s lunches.

Bible, science, nutrition, creationism, saturated fats, whole milk, salt, Michelle Obama,Solomon, Louis IV of France, Isaac Newton, Raymond Vahan Damadian, Joel Wallach
The agriculture secretary appointed by president Trump, Sonny Perdue, eats lunch with kids from Leesburg.

What was the result of Michelle Obama’s lowered salt and fat intake?

Schools began to complain that the students were not eating the lunches but instead throwing them away. Schools are now asking lawmakers for a waiver that allows them to add more salt to the food. Michelle Obama fired back in a May New York Times Op ed piece, “Lawmakers are trying to lower the standards” [2] The Agriculture Secretary appointed by president Trump, Sonny Perdue, said the USDA will lift restrictions to allow schools to serve milk with increased fat, rather than the non-fat milk that was required under the Obama law.

Perdue stressed that he was not rolling back any provisions of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act (HHFKA) that was enacted in 2010. “We’re not winding back any nutritional standards at all,” he said. “We’re giving these … food-service professionals the flexibility to move as we get a healthier generation,”[1]

Who are you going to believe, when it comes to  the health of your children?

Once again well-meaning people like Michelle Obama have listened to non-Christian scientists, and put our children in danger. Let me explain why there is a huge difference between Christian scientists and non-Christian scientists.

Millions of people die each year because they lack Biblical knowledge. Knowledge about the care and feeding of their physical bodies!

Hosea 4:6  “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being My priest Since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children.”

The idea, that to be a Christian is to be unscientific, or opposed to scientific knowledge, is not only incorrect, but is just the opposite of the truth. It would be like saying that Martin Luther King was a racist. Or that Einstein was opposed to math and physics.

The Word of God is not in opposition to the world of God.

Jesus, the creator,  is referred to as, “the Word”. In John chapter one, the Bible states that all wisdom and knowledge are found in Jesus Christ.

Colossians 2:3 “in him (Christ) are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.

To love and know Jesus is to love knowledge, because he is the author of it.

Why is this important to health and wellness?

Because millions of people believe that the God of the Bible is mostly concerned with our souls and is not really that concerned about our physical bodies. Millions do not believe that the bible has any valuable information concerning the care and feeding of their bodies. Many people also believe there is no difference between God fearing scientist and those who reject the idea of a creator and ultimate judge of mankind.

So, is there any Biblical justification for the study of science and specifically health and wellness?

Proverbs 25:2                                                              ,                                                                                                                                “It is the glory of God to cover a matter, but the glory of kings is to search them out”

 Revelation 1:5b-6a                                                                                                                                                                                    To him who loves us and has freed us from our sins by his blood, and has made us to be a kings and priests”

When we are born again, (John chapter 3) we become children of God and Kings. God has given us a glorious job of searching out mysteries, looking at his creation to discover it’s secrets.

  1. Christians and Jews believe God created laws; moral laws, health laws and laws of science.
  2. We believe that those laws do not change, but are constant.
  3. We believe that God meant for us to study those laws and use them for the benefit of mankind.

Christians believe that God created a universe with laws. These laws cannot be broken without consequences. The only exception, is in very rare cases, where God chooses to suspend his own laws for a specific purpose; we call that a miracle. For thousands of years, other religious groups have held to the belief that there are no laws that govern the universe. They believe that the physical universe is unpredictable. They believe that the universe is constantly changing. Therefore, in the past they did not pursue science like the Christian-Judeo cultures. They believed it would be useless since everything could change tomorrow.

Consequently, most scientific studies started with Jews or Christians.

Almost all the laws of science and physics were discovered by Christians. Most of the laws of genetics, health and wellness were discovered by Christians.

The elephant in the room?

The problem we now have, is that our schools believe they can educate scientists without any reference to God or a higher power. They believe that this will produce better science, when in fact, it has produced just the opposite. People who believe in a creator, a final judge of mankind, are less likely to lie for temporary personal gain. People who believe in situational ethics and no God, have proved to be far more likely to cheat in order to further their careers.

This Godless education system has brought about an epidemic of false or fake science. Scientists will lie about their findings in order to get recognition, fame or fortune. A classic case was the two physicists who said they had produced cold fusion in a quart jar. [3]

Bible, science, nutrition, creationism, saturated fats, whole milk, salt, Michelle Obama,Solomon, Louis IV of France, Isaac Newton, Raymond Vahan Damadian, Joel Wallach

Recently in the news was the shocking revelation that the nutritionist, Ancel Keys, lied. He is  the nutritionist that convinced a generation of Americans, and the world, to eat margarine instead of butter, to drink skim milk instead of whole milk and to avoid all saturated fats. It is his research that has led the Obama’s to push for less saturated fat in school cafeterias.

It has been revealed that he hid conflicting data in order to mislead the public. [6][4][7] Check out these short videos, to find out why millions of people who took his unbiblical advice are sick or have died young.



Bible, science, nutrition, creationism, saturated fats, whole milk, salt, Michelle Obama,Solomon, Louis IV of France, Isaac Newton, Raymond Vahan Damadian, Joel Wallach

Here are the scary facts!!!

Harvard Medical School did a twenty-year study to determine if Ancel Keys was right. The study was entitled “The Harvard Nurse’s Health Study” and was published in January 1993. It was conducted with 90,000 nurses, half used butter and the other half used margarine. After 20 years, it was discovered that the nurses using margarine had 75% more heart attacks than the nurses who used butter. The nurses using margarine also had a higher rate of cancer and Alzheimer’s. [5]

Since 1993, scientists, nutritionists and doctors have known that restricting saturated fats in butter and whole milk is dangerous, but they continue to promote this idea today.

God says that people have rejected knowledge and have forgotten the law of God. He also said it is causing them to parish. The Word of God and the law of God say that butter, whole milk, salt, and red meat are good. True science is in agreement with God’s word.

Some of the greatest scientific minds that ever lived, were children of God.

To name a few, Solomon, Louis IV of France, Isaac Newton, Raymond Vahan Damadian, and Joel Wallach. These men all loved God, were guided by the scriptures and investigated the nature of things.

King Solomon was given wisdom from God to understand nature and use that understanding for the good of mankind.

1 Kings 4:29,30-34a                                                                                                                                                                           29 God gave Solomon wisdom and very great insight, and a breadth of understanding as measureless as the sand on the seashore30 Solomon’s wisdom was greater than the wisdom of all the people of the East, and greater than all the wisdom of Egypt. 32 He spoke three thousand proverbs and his songs numbered a thousand and five. 33 He spoke about plant life, from the cedars of Lebanon to the hyssop that grows out of walls. He also spoke about animals and birds, reptiles and fish. 34 From all nations people came to listen to Solomon’s wisdom”.

King Louis the IV

King Louis the IV of France was noted for studying the scriptures. He became a shining light in the area of law and politics. He invented many legal terms we take for granted today. He was the first to say that all men should be equal under the law. He invented the phase “innocent until proven guilty”. He was the first to give people the right to appeal to another judge, when they felt they had not gotten a fair trial under their first judge.

Sir Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton has been widely lauded as the most important scientist in history. Even Albert Einstein said that Isaac Newton was the smartest person that ever lived. [1][2] Newton discovered laws of physics, astronomy and drastically improved the field of mathematics. Newton said that he spent far more time studying the Bible than science.  Isaac Newton was so smart and so advanced in mathematics, that many college students jokingly resent his discovery of calculus.

Raymond Vahan Damadian

Raymond Vahan Damadian is the man who invented the MRI, one of the most important scientific discoveries of our century. He is a devoted Christian who believes the Bible, including the Biblical/Scientific teachings about a young earth. He tells stories about scientists and doctors who were mad at him for discovering the MRI. They were mad because it was going to hurt them financially. One doctor angrily asked, “if people use your MRI and are diagnosed early enough to avoid chemotherapy, how will I pay for my kids college”? That story tells it all, we need Godly men who are more concerned about pleasing God and trust him to provide for their needs and the needs of their families.

Bible, science, nutrition, creationism, saturated fats, whole milk, salt, Michelle Obama,Solomon, Louis IV of France, Isaac Newton, Raymond Vahan Damadian, Joel Wallach

Dr. Joel Wallach

Dr. Joel Wallach has been twice nominated for the Nobel prize in medicine. At the age of 9 he felt God had given him a destiny that would help millions of people.  He has discovered, through extensive research, that most diseases are caused by vitamin and mineral deficiencies. He has also cataloged most diseases and what vitamin and minerals are necessary to reverse their effects. Dr. Wallach has produced countless books, tapes, videos and peer reviewed medical papers. [3] We have been listening to and reading Dr. Wallach for almost 40 years; I cannot remember him ever stating anything that contradicts the Bible. Almost all other nutritionist that we have read or listened to will consistently make statements about health and wellness that are in direct opposition to Bible teachings, i.e. (red meat is bad, milk is bad, salt is bad)

In conclusion

Our schools need to return to Biblical training and Biblical/scientific eating. We need to promote and encourage God fearing doctors and scientists who are more concerned about pleasing God and helping people than they are about furthering their careers. The greatest minds that ever lived were guided by God and by his word. That is why we bring this information to you each week. Information from the word of God and from honest scientists that love God and love people.

Truly; the only way to exceptional emotional and physical health and wellness, is to spend time each day with the Great Physician, Jesus Christ!

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  1. “God’s Guide to Biblical Health and Healing” by Rev. Chris and Shary Schauermann
  2. “Let’s Play Doctor” by Dr. Joel Wallach                                                                                                                                               http://tinyurl.com/j8ybt8r
  3. “None of These Diseases” by S.I. McMillen, M.D. and David E. Stern, M. D.

You can get all these books at Amazon.com or simply click on the URL next to each book title.



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